What’s Next

We’re On The Move…


Is our model ready to scale?

Yes. We’ve been ready for 2 years.

What are we waiting for?

A larger space to grow into, and a landlord willing to give us a lease for theater and event use, at market rate.

What do we need?

We need an artist-friendly landlord willing to rent us a larger space that is safe, reliable, and up to code for Public Assembly. We can afford it!

Why is this so important to all of us?

Without a larger space to grow into, we are limited in what we can do for artists once we’ve successfully supported their first round of work. We need room to grow; room for more artists and audiences to continue benefiting from our model. 

New works need to start somewhere, and have years of development ahead of them before they land on a Mainstage.  If successful young arts companies cannot successfully rent or develop anywhere in New York City anymore, there won’t be much of a theater community to speak of, years from now. We simply can’t imagine a New York City where it’s only Broadway, or the highway. We’re tired of Cats: The Musical. Aren’t you tired of it, too?

What can you do?

Do you know of an available space in Midtown or Downtown Manhattan, or know of someone who does? We’d love to talk to you.