Loft227 | Established 2012

Over the past 4 years, we’ve built a successful creative technology and arts company, while donating over $200,000 per year towards developing artists.

How did we do it?

For every hour a tech client paid us for help developing their company, we’ve donated 2 hours of our time and resources to the diverse artistic community we serve.

Over half of our time donated is specifically for development, rehearsals, and performances of new plays in a state-of-the-art environment with affordable resources.

We’ve supported and curated arts driven experiences for audiences over 56,000 people and climbing.

Video courtesy of Kiwi Callahan at Digitalimit

Why did we do it?

In the a city where the economic prospects for our artistic community are dwindling by the minute, artists can no longer afford to be operating “not for profit”. Artists are the backbone of our rich cultural landscape and the voice of progressive change in our city. We believe artists are valuable, and it’s high time they directly profit from their work.

We started small. We built a for-profit incubator for artists that is self-sustaining in an intimate and resourceful space; without the yolk of grant writing, pay-for-play submissions, and self-defeating crowdfunding events that are often more expensive to produce than the actual money they raise. 

As a result of our efforts, our donated time and producing dollars has given our fellow emerging artists nearly 2 fiscal years worth of rehearsal hours and arts programming that advances cutting edge theater, dance, film, and photography. 

Ask us how many investors we’ve had.

Ask how how many grants we’ve written.

Ask how us how many fundraisers we’ve done for ourselves.

The answer is ZERO.

Who do we support?

Actors, Directors, Playwrights, Producers, Lighting Designers, Sound Designers, Costume Designers, Filmmakers, Photographers, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Authors, Casting Directors, Professors, Stage Managers, Theater Companies and Collectives, Production Companies, Bands, and their Audiences.

We also support young local start-up entrepreneurs and social justice organizations; especially where we can create successful partnerships between their specific missions, and our artists.

Who works at Loft227?

We work solely part-time with creative entrepreneurs while they build a creative company of their own. Just as we supply a “strategic jump start” to our clients, we are also an incubator for those working for us. We leverage our resources in support of their own business goals, while they profit from supporting ours. In this collaborative ecosystem, the synergy of our collective contributions to each others mission provides some of the most creative, efficient, and productive services New York City has to offer, in the most humanitarian and labor conscious way we can. Everyone works here as much or as little as they choose, depending on the demands and goals of their own company.

They say no one should go it alone. Some say it takes two. We say it takes three. Loft227 began as the vision and handiwork of it’s Founder, Robin Sokoloff. Loft227 has since developed above and beyond expectations with the hard work and dedication of both Magan Wiles (Founder of Hustle Creative) and Casandra Rosario (Founder of The Rosario Group) – all 3 companies built in tandem over the past 3 years. 

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