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Magan Wiles | Super Twisted Shorts | Loft227 | Hustle Creative

BUN IN THE OVEN is the third in a series of twisted, subversive & delightfully disgusting short comedies. The first film in the series, ”Bloody Mary”, has been accepted into more than 20 festivals all over  the world, winning “Best NYC Film” at the NYC Downtown International Short Film Festival; “Best Screenplay” (shorts category) at the Macabre Faire Film Festival in Long Island, NY; “Single Funniest Moment” at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival; and runner-up for “Best Comedy” at the Rugged Phoenix Underground Film Festival. Super Twisted Short’s follow-up film ”Sucklepump” is just starting the festival rounds and has been accepted into 6 festivals. Cast members have included Lauren Anne Miller (For a Good Time Call), Trace Lysette (Transparent and Blunt Talk), Joel Marsh Garland (Orange Is The New Black), and Pat Squire (Orange is the New Black).

To view sneak peaks of both films and learn more about the team behind it, visit

To submit your headshot and reel, submit below or email

Writer, Director & Producer: Jono Freedrix
Associate Producer: Hustle Creative
Associate Producer and Casting: Robin Sokoloff
Audition Date: May 28th – accepting submissions via Actors Access and email
Shoot Dates: 6/25-6/26
Location: New York City
Pay Rate: $50 stipend + meals + credit + footage upon request
Media Contact: Magan Wiles/Hustle Creative/


*Note: Film contains nudity, but not involving any of the auditioning roles; nudity will be shot on closed set. Dinner guests are currently featured non-speaking roles, but we’re looking for good improvisers and may include improvised dialogue in final cut.

ABORTIA: 60-90s, female, race open, conservatively dressed with conservative values. Small town bible belt upbringing- – NYC is a scary and immoral place. Desperate to bear children and has turned into a derailed nervous wreck because of it. Bossy towards her useless husband.

DENNIS: 60s-90s, male, race open, conservatively dressed with conservative values. Bullied most of his life and continues to be bullied by his frantic wife. Fears she will leave him if they don’t get a baby. Has sexual intercourse only for purposes of procreation– and hasn’t attempted in over a year as his wife has all but given up on him. A mouse of a man. He only wears sweater vests and slacks.

BERTHA: 30-60s: female, Asian or African American, poised, professional, educated, thrives in moments of chaos. She is equally skilled at delivering babies and cooking the finest cuisine. She has a culinary arts degree and seeks out rare and exotic delicacies. Feels at home amongst other like-minded eccentrics.

CARL: 30-40s, male, looks like a ”normal guy” on the outside, but he is a kinky, quirky, larger than life eccentric. Loves the finer things in life, his wife included. Adventure-seeker who gets off on alternative underground cult dinners. Babies are lame and the people who raise them are even lamer. ALSO SHOOTS ON JUNE 25.

DESTINY: (Dinner Guest #1): female, 20s, avant guard webcam girl specializing in sploshing, the act of sitting naked on cakes and other messy foods. An underground internet fetish celebrity, had to hire an assistant to respond to her fan mail.

KAMIKO: (Dinner Guest #2): female, likes all kinds of food play, specifically wakamezake, aka seaweed sake, the act of creating a triangle between the thighs and vagina to form a cup, then pouring sake down your chest into this triangle. Her partner then drinks the sake from there.

OKSANA: (Dinner Guest #3): female, made her fortune running an international escort service for high-rolling clients into sitophilia, a form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food. CAST

DANTE: (Dinner Guest #4): male, 40-70, race open, an animal lover who deals in the endangered species trade on the black market. On probation for smuggling Komodo Dragon eggs into the US but willing to break curfew and risk jail time just to attend Janelle & Carl’s dinner

VALENTINO: (Dinner Guest #5), male, 35-45, race open, estranged from wife and kids due to his obsession with sploshing, the act watching women sit naked on cakes and other messy foods. Is infatuated with Destiny, a webcam splosh girl.

DJ NIBBLE: (Dinner Guest #6), male, race open, musical genius, advocate of hallucinogenic drugs to expand the creative mind. Dealer to the stars. Notable clients include Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Prince.

DR. BILLINGS: (Dinner Guest #7), male or female, 40-60, renown surgeon specializing in conjoined twins. Also part of a lucrative underground ”adoption” agency for wealthy American clients who can’t conceive. Smuggles babies from developing world orphanages and provides false papers. Dabbles in the local underground baby trade as well. Considers self a philanthropist of sorts. Secretly arranged Dennis and Abortia’s ”arrangement” with Janelle and Carl.

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