08.07.13 – Loren Wohl Shoot @227 World’s Fair Cover

World's Fair BOTP-COVER | Loren Wohl Photography

World’s Fair | Loren Wohl Photography

We had the pleasure of Loren back @227 with rap music group World’s Fair this past August. In a down moment between shots, I asked him: Why portraiture? His response, “I never strove to be a photographer. For me – it was always about the music. The camera was a tool that got me closer to the music; closer to the stage and artists I love. Sometimes the band or band manager would ask to see what I had captured and get really excited. Requests for studio shoots sprang from there”.

Still tickled at how things unfolded for him, he comments, “Look, I interned for Fool’s Gold Records back in ’09, and now I’m the principle photographer shooting one of their album covers… it doesn’t get better than this”.

One look at Loren’s work and it’s clear: He’s got more than a great eye and technique. He really follows the artists he shoots into the trenches, lives and breathes their music. He listens… and that devotion shines through his work.

Loren Wohl @Loft227







“Do I make the music, or is the music making me”? – Loren Wohl

Loren Wohl is a New York City based music freelance photographer who specializes in portrait and concert photography.Loren Wohl | Photgrapher

e     lw@lorenwohl.com
p     845-798-1307
w     http://lorenwohl.com
t       https://twitter.com/lorenwohl


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